Infinite flight storage

Hello guys,
This is a query that i have as i wanted to ask that does the infinite flight takes 25GB of storage in your devices as it does in mine?

It depends on the amount of liveries/aircraft downloaded to your device as well as replays. There’s no “fixed” value for the amount of storage Infinite Flight uses.


Great Question! Hope this helps :)

Here are some reasons why Infinite Flight takes up 25GB of storage:

  1. High-Quality Graphics: Infinite Flight has some of the most detailed graphics among mobile flight simulator games. The game uses high-resolution textures and 3D models for aircraft, airports, and landscapes, which require a significant amount of storage space. For example, an aircraft model can take up anywhere between 50MB to 200MB of storage space, depending on its complexity and level of detail.

  2. Large Scenery Area: Infinite Flight has a large scenery area that covers the entire world. This means that the game needs to store data for thousands of airports, cities, and landmarks, which can add up to several gigabytes of storage space. Additionally, the game also includes detailed terrain data, such as mountains, valleys, and water bodies, which further add to the game’s storage requirements.

  3. Realistic Flight Physics: Infinite Flight aims to provide a realistic flying experience, which means that the game needs to simulate various flight physics and aerodynamics accurately. To achieve this, the game uses complex algorithms that require a significant amount of processing power and storage space. The game needs to store data for factors such as air pressure, temperature, wind speed, and turbulence, which can add up to several gigabytes of storage space.

  4. Additional Features: Infinite Flight also includes several additional features, such as live weather updates, multiplayer mode, and ATC (Air Traffic Control) communications. These features require the game to store additional data, such as live weather data, flight plans, and communication protocols, which can further increase the game’s storage requirements.

In summary, Infinite Flight requires a significant amount of storage space due to its high-quality graphics, large scenery area, realistic flight physics, and additional features. All these factors contribute to the game’s immersive and realistic flying experience, but they also require a large amount of storage space on your device.

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Ok thanks maybe i have downloaded all liveries

To go off what @schyllberg said about replays.

I usually delete a replay after each flight except for IFATC sessions when I report someone, and I have to keep them in case appeals contact me.

Deleting replays after you’re done with them saves a ton of space and increases performance for me!


One thing to help clear that storage is by clearing cache, I do it before long flights and It helps a lot.

i only delete flights that i dont like, i keep the flights that were realistic and fun

You can also do that. Another thing you can do or at least think you can do is save the replay to your google drive or a hard drive.


Thank you all for your helpful responses!!!👍

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No problem, hope you learned something about saving storage in Infinite Flight!

What would deleting the app data on my device do? Could it mess with any of my account, logbook, or purchase details in any way? Or would it delete just my downloaded aircraft, replays, etc… Just making sure I am not doing anything i’ll regret.

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