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Before the 22.1 was released, Infinite Flight in my IPad (5th gen) was using like 2-3 GB of Storage, but recently I noticed that now the “documents and data” was using 8 GB (I have 32 GB of total capacity), I think I need to clear cache, but I don’t know how, can someone help me?

I think your replays take up a lot of space!

If it doesn’t bother you, try deleting some and it will most definitely take up less space.

Also, 22.1 came up with lots of new things taking some additional space, that might me a reason

I deleted a lot of replays, but it cleaned like only 100mb, when I had like 300mb of it, it can be the update, but 8 GB I think is a lot

Try removing the larger ones maybe,


My helping ability stops here for the moment, maybe wait for someone more qualified to answer you.

Good day!

Also will IPad 6 Generation 2018 handle Infinite Flight well?

I also have an 32GB iPad with 4 GB free lol is that enough?

My IF currently takes 10 gb
That 10 gb is made up of aircraft and livery files, only way to delete them is by reinstalling IF, which should be done atleast every 2 months in my opinion

@Gutti @Sierra_Golf I’ll hop in here too. I checked yesterday in storage to find Infinite Flight to be taking up to 16GBs of space. Even with all replay files deleted it still took up 13GBs of space. My solution was delete and redownload Infinite Flight onto your device. This will not effect your subscription or grade table. After this, your app should only take up around 2GBs at max. I would delete on a regular basis to keep your device clean. It also improves your flight performance!

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To clear the cache, go into settings > general and then scroll to the bottom and there should be an option to clear cache. But definitely delete some replay files, they can take up a lot of space especially for long haul flights. I think an auto delete after 30 days feature would be good (with the option to select ones to keep longer).

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