Infinite Flight Storage Issue

I got a storage alert on my iPad and I got confused because last time I checked I has around 15 GB of free space. When I checked, I saw that IF was taking up 11GB of storage. I’m too scared to uninstall and reinstall because I don’t know if my 1 year subscription will not appear (I already have my account linked to my IF). So does anyone know why it’s taking up so much space and will my subscription disappear if i uninstall and then reinstall the game, thanks.

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Infinite flight takes up a lot of storage due to a myriad of things from airports, scenery, aircraft and liveries, replay files and other miscellaneous cache. It takes up around 10 gigs on my iPad also.

Also regarding your subscription if you have it linked right now on your iPad and you uninstall and then reinstall it will still be there. I have done it before.

Hope this helps!


You probably have many replays stored as stated above. They tend to take up a lot of the space. You can delete the oldest and largest ones, or all. No need to delete the whole game
If you delete the replay files, IF wont be that large anymore, only about 5gb-7gb maybe :)

If you delete it, it will get large quite quickly anyways simply due to you using it and downloading liverys etc.


delete all your replays. replays took up so much storage, way more than scenery, liveries, etc. I deleted replays, and cleared the scenery cache. its mainly the replays that take up a lot of storage.


Try and delete the replays from ATL, LAX, CDG and big airports, for example, I made a 1 hour flight with the 737 to and from non-3D and the replay was 12MB whereas I actually just made a 5 minute takeoff from ATL and the replay was 74MB

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That will be great if there is an option to let us remove the liveries download and will re-download when you’re playing if needed.


Is there a way to select them all and delete them instead of doing it manually?

Nvm I found a way, thanks!

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Whenever that happens to me, I just uninstall the app and reinstall it. Nothing will happen to your subscription: just press “keep subscription” when the pop-up pops up (assuming you want it to automatically re-subscribe you after the year is over) and reinstall the app. You’ll be fine. The subscription is linked to your account, not to your device, so nothing will happen.

For me IF takes up 15 gb

I have an 32GB IPad and 4 GB free :c

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Me to @Gurman_Handa

You’re right… IF does take up a
Of storage.
I think there is a way to upgrade device storage, although I’m not sure it works on every device.

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