Infinite Flight stopping every once in a while

Every once in a while IF stops and I get a message saying “Unfortunately, Infinite Flight has stopped”. The message usually pops up as soon as I open the game but sometimes happens while I’m in-game. I have a Samsung S8 running the latest version of Android. I downloaded this from the Play Store and haven’t hacked it. I don’t really care about it as it happens rarely but I’m getting kind of nervous because when Global comes out and I’m doing a flight it might randomly crash. I think IF might not be optimized for the S8 but hey, I might be wrong.

I feel like I’m repeating this, but have you restarted your phone completely? And Completely shutdown Infinite Flight and maybe even reinstalled it? I’m an iOS user so don’t know much about Android. Hopefully someone here who’s an android user can help you out more.

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Yea I’ve restarted my phone and shut down IF but haven’t uninstalled it

Usually this occurs if there were some minor errors during the installation. A re-installation of Infinite Flight should solve it.


And your concern about it crashing, If it is a problem on IF’s end, you can expect it to be fixed with the global release.

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I’ll try reinstalling it.

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Don’t be afraid to drop me a PM if it re-occurs.