Infinite Flight Still Crashes


Alright so I made a topic on this earlier and the solution I got was working up until now. For some reason even restarting, re installing the app did not work to solve my problem now. At certain times, I will change frequencies and Infinite Flight will just freeze forcing me to close the app. Another issue I had was if I change my pilot voice while spawned in, it will not let me change frequencies etc. however the app will not freeze. Anyone know what to do with this?


Have you restarted your connection?

Yes. I switched off my WiFi to cellular then back on and restarted however same thing kept happening.

There’s been multiple users with issues, you may just have to wait for Seb and his expertise …

As stated above, it looks like other users are experiencing similar problems. Maybe you could view this topic for any similarities.

In this topic, an app reinstall solved the problem, though I’m not sure if that is the best course of action.

Overall, I think that waiting for an expert opinion would be the best course of action, as stated above.

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Alright thanks. I was literally about to takeoff at an IFATC airport location when the app froze on me for the same reasons of changing frequencies or sending ATC messages.

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I got that today, literally was flying to kmco trying to tune out of london heathrow unicom because i forgot to then it froze

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