Infinite Flight Stereotypes Part 2 (with @Butter_Boi and @Nikolai23)

Alright alright alright! Part 2 of IF Stereotypes. We hope to get out one per a week, so keep an eye out for ‘em. Thanks to @Meowz and @Butter_Boi for collaborating with me on this. They come up with awesome ideas for these. If you want to join our little collab team, just PM me and I’ll see if I can fit you in.
Without further ado, here are the next five IF stereotypes for Part 2!

  1. Single Waypoint Stanley

“Oh, here’s a guy to copy a flight plan and escort.”

Sees single waypoint flight plan

“Ight imma head out.”

  1. The Expert Server Hard Landing

There’s nothing like absolutely failing a landing with a hundred fellow pilots watching. #ouch

  1. The ATC Logoff

Been there, done that. We all have. ATC logs off and everyone scrambles for the runway.

  1. F-18 Buzz

It’s a peaceful day at KLAX. Then an F-18 decides to fly over at 100 feet in altitude at top speed. Good thing there’s no bomb simulations in IF.

  1. A380 Low Cruise Altitiude

Sorry to be a disappointment to y’all, but A380s DO NOT cruise at 18,000 feet. Sigh

That’s it for Part 2. We’re all guilty of one of these, whether it was us fooling around or noob moments in our earlier days of IF. Vote in the poll below below which one you have done, and tell me an interesting story in the comments.

Please DO NOT use this thread as away to make fun of other users.

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Thanks for reading and be sure to look out for Part 3!


Always buzzed around on casual a couple years ago, miss that. Other than that, great list of stereotypes!


Thanks man!


Might as well just admit that’s me pretty much any time I fly. 🤦🏼‍♂️


I do it a lot too!

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I make hard landings. I used to buzz people on CS. I’m guilty of pretty much all of these. 😂

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I always like to show off my fly by. F16 baby!

Makes the Air Force look good

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I prefer the F-14 or the Super Decathlon. 😉

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“Attention all aircraft, ATC will be closing in 5 minutes”

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Don’t you just love when you relate to all of them.

Part 3 anyone?
Coming right up!

Oh No I feel a hard landing stereotype coming on!

Phew false alarm !

#5 annoys me so much, people, you should not be crossing the atlantic at 24,000 feet!! They are stuck in a pre-global mindset of short flights

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Yeah, I saw a guy on CS doing JFK-LHR at 300FT AGL the entire way. >:(

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Maybe they were scared of heights 😑



I saw this a few days ago at LSZH. Someone was flying to Dublin, their FPL was WPT - EIDW and they were flying Saudia 787. Even worse is that they spawned in at Dock A which is used for smaller aircraft. Like, hello?

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The definition of KLAX on training. There’s no such thing as a real flight plan over there.

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