Infinite Flight Stereotypes Part 1 (with @Butter_Boi and @Nikolai23)

Here we go… Part 1 of IF Stereotypes. We hope to get out one par a week, so keep an eye out for ‘em. Thanks to @Meowz and @Butter_Boi for collaborating with me on this. They come up with ideas for this, and proofread the final post. If you want to join our little collab team, just PM me and I’ll see if I can fit you in.
Without further ado, here are the first five IF stereotypes for Part 1!

  1. Mr. Takes off the wrong way.

We all know this guy… he’s supposed to take off 18L but takes off 36R. This is when ATC reports come in handy.

  1. The guy who uses WPT-KLAX.

Not much to explain for that one. All that’s left to say is the IFATC voice that says [insert callsign here] you are in an active airspace. Contact SOCAL departure on 149.3… or whatever it says.

  1. The guy that thinks he can cut you because he’s in a bigger airplane.

We’ve all encountered this guy. You’re in a TBM930 and he’s in an A350, and he thinks he can drive right over you.

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  1. Mr. Regional Flight in a Jumbo

KSFO-KLAX? Sounds like a great flight for an ERJ or an A318, right? Nope. This guy uses an A380. Oh well. So much for realism.

  1. The Drifter
    The guy’s in a CRJ-200 and he thinks he’s a drift race car. Either that or he doesn’t know how to taxi an aircraft. Or he’s late for lunch. The real reason we will never know.

That’s it for Part 1. We’re all guilty of one of these, whether it was us fooling around or noob moments in our earlier days of IF. Vote in the poll below below which one you have done, and tell me an interesting story in the comments.

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Thanks for reading and be sure to look out for Part 2!


I think this belongs here. But I could be wrong.




Okay, you’re lying if you say you’ve never ran someone over on the CS at KLAX 😂. Love the concept of this topic!


Glad to see this topic become a thing, it’s great! Thanks for letting me help, @SimCaptain!


Yep it does I’ll add that to pt 2!


Love this topic. Hope it gets more attention. #4 is definitely relatable tho 😂


Random guy: Let me fly KPDX - KSEA in an A380!

Everyone else: Oh I don’t think so!

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Haha I used to alway go drifting around in a CRJ on the CS 😂 still do sometimes. It’s actually great fun when you get a nice drift going


Yup when you hit that perfect 360 😂


That one guy who uses one waypoint the entire flight 😔


WPT-KLAX Is the way I roll. 😛

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a) Too often coming across these people with megalocomplex delusions in no.3 (NOT me).

b) Getting nice pics of (um… trolling) big planes on beachside approach pretending I’m a drone/XCub (that’s me lol). Got cool side window pics! :D

c) No.4 Took off from TNCM on a 380 and got spun on the mountain top like a spinner (me again).

d) Took off from the shortest runway on a 777, full flaps and brakes on at full power cause you just realized you’re on the wrong runway and too lazy to taxi to a proper one. ( >cough< …me)

e) Oooh my God, still guilty for #1 (me).



Swiss001 would be proud!

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MaxSez: Back “then” I was guilty as sin when it came to a Taxiway/Threshold Incursion. Yr #3

My solution to this continuous streak of bad Airmanship behavior was to launch after them and harass him/her by wing overs, buzzing and cutting them off in the pattern as they attempted to land.

Then up jumped the “Ghost” and I modified the tactic. I now copy the flight plan of the
Malefactor and catch them unaware outside Controlled Airspace. Of late Big v Small has taken a new twist. It’s the hi-number arrogant classless 3/4/'5’s who consider Themselves above it all.
You know these Personalities; there the Farmers, Duty Experts, Bloviators & Regulars who Consider thamselves the Privilege Class.

@SimCaptain, Like this Topic, Original, Inovated & fun but not real fun!

Regards, All Max


Will add that an upcoming thread!

I like doing 5 on Casual. Pretty cool stuff.


I mean, this flight is done daily in 747-400s and 747-8s (the 747-8 being larger than an A380)… maybe a different regional flight would be better.

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Who operates KSFO-KLAX in a 747?

Asiana Cargo, Korean Air Cargo, Kalitta Air, Atlas Air, Cathay Pacific Cargo, and Singapore Airlines Cargo, to name a few

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