Infinite Flight Stats To Show Up On Your Community Profile

Hi there everyone, hopefully you are all well I hate to be asking so many questions all the time but that’s what you guys are here for right anyways I had a quick question I’ve seen on many infinite flight community profiles that people have there stats showing in a little box I was wondering if anyone knows how to get that so then I can do the same I’ve attached a photo just in case someone doesn’t know

Copy this:

![My Stats]


Remove the space between “My stats” and the rest

Or check out this topic! Live Flight Status on IFC User Profile! - #36

Thanks guys I appreciate it


Then just put it in my bio?

Can you guys see it now hopefully I’ve done it right @Butter575 @RedWolf

Just shows a link for me just wanted to see if you guys could see it @Butter575 @RedWolf

Yes it does show a link in your bio. If you want the full thing to show in your bio (like it’s shown in mine), copy this one:

![My Stats](

Once copied, replace “USERNAME” with your own and add a “)” at the very end

Put my username in full caps or just how it is on the community

I believe I got it thanks man @Butter575

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Can confirm, except I think you have an extra quotation mark in there at the end

Would you mind checking that the mark is gone off it thanks man

Yup, it’s gone

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