Infinite Flight started crashing frequently

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Operating system: Android 13

i was able to fly normally before and after the first hotfix until i tried to fly today. suddenly it kept closing the simulator either at the gate or while taxiing.

There are already topics covering this.
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oh sorry about that

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Unfortunately, this is a “mysterious” issue that even occurs on top-tier devices. However, you can consider the following recommendations, and it might help reduce this:

  • On long-haul flights, always fly at night and reduce the traffic to “none.”

  • Restart your device before each flight, and upon restarting, don’t open any other applications. This way, Infinite Flight will run more smoothly as the processor would be dedicated almost exclusively to this app. Most crashes occur when the device is overloaded and can’t handle too much usage.

  • Use graphics settings on minimum or medium.

  • Avoid inspecting other players during your flight, as some people (including myself) have experienced crashes due to this.

Another recommendation is not to overload your device with extremely long flights or excessive usage. Fly when the ambient temperature is cool to prevent overheating.


the restart seems to help

The upcoming hotfix will help.

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yeah if it keeps happening i’ll just take a break until the hotfix arrives

Yes, it’s a very good way to try to avoid this uncomfortable and frustrating issue that often arises on some occasions. A reboot before each long or medium-distance flight will be sufficient, I assure you :)


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