Infinite Flight Spotting

Hello forum,

I have posted my first infinite flight spotting video on youtube. I will post the link at the bottom. I know I did not catch a lot of takeoff and landings, but be assured they will come in the next video! Please enjoy my video and tell me what you think.


Second video is out. I added a lot more takeoffs and landings. I also did not include music, so please vote in the poll if you think the videos are better with music or without music.

Vote here:

  • Better WITH music
  • Better WITHOUT music

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It says I have to sign in to view your content. Did you put something edgy in there?

hmm let me check that out. I will get back to you

ok, that should do it. Can you view it now?

That fixes it! I would watch it in a second.


It’s a nice video, next time I suggest having the time set to Noon. Also it would be better if you just showed Takeoff & Landings and just have the engine noise instead of the music. I say this because it looks weird seeing planes turning so weirdly. But again, seeing planes turn here and there won’t hurt. Last thing, don’t forget to spot on the Expert server!

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Is spotting just taking a photo/ video of your plane

Yes, I will definitely get more takeoffs and landings. I can also get the engine sounds, I wish there was a way to mute ATC though. Just thought the music would make it less boring. Also, that was on the expert server.

spotting is taking photo/video of any plane really

Ok thank u now I know

violations for doing what?

Like not following the atc’s orders

if you don’t follow ATC’s orders they would most likely ghost you

What’s your YouTube channel I’ll subscribe

And what is being ghosted

if you click on the video there should be a watch on youtube button. click that and it will lead you to my channel. Thanks for subscribing!

being ghosted mean other players and ATC on the server would not be able to see you, but you would still be able to continue your flight

Oh ok and your welcome got to help out our infinite flight friends

You can mute ATC, Follow my instructions.

  1. Click the Menu button on the right when you spawn in.
  2. Click the Gear Button.
  3. Click Audio
  4. Then you’ll see SFX Volume and ATC Volume, drag the White button all the way left.

Why? Looks much better on sunset/sunrise


Agree it looks nicer