Infinite Flight Spotting Range

As an Infinite Flight Planespotter, I could not view aircrafts form far away in expert server. Is it my Internet or something?

There’s a limit i believe around 400nm distance where you spot aircraft on radar.

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It’s probably the amount of people in the server, it happens to me too.

That has to do with the map, I believe OP means something different though.

Aircraft render at 3-4NM from where your camera is - otherwise, it’s just a dot. You will, therefore, not be able to see aircraft further than that, just their dot.

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Ah, i slightly misunderstood there!
Yes after some 3-4nm it becomes a dot or a square.
Unless you decide to zoom in with free camera but definitely no more than 15-25nm away, I dont know the exact distance.

In addition, the number of plane rendered is also limited. Even on very high airplane count, on a day with many planes at gate the maximum distance rendered is also decreased, because IF starts rendering planes from your location until maximum plane count reached.

Whats the maximum plane count reached before rendered?
25? 50? 75? 100?
I haven’t got a foggiest figure to hand 😐
It’ll be good to know

I guess only around 20. At least on my phone it’s quite low, a few days ago I was holding short in Atlanta, waiting to cross a runway and suddenly a B757 appeared out of no where to my left and almost hit me. They were taking off but couldn’t hold their course and I really wish I could’ve seen them coming a bit earlier already…

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I remember once seeing that the “very high” option can render 12 aircraft maximum (could be wrong)

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If you have watch Aviator Dan live stream about his new Ipad Pro 2021 M1 last year, you can see more options on Aircraft visibility (player) which can be reach 200 aircraft and see from far away but that options only for developer unfortunately.

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Those extra options are primarily for our development builds on PC


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