Infinite Flight Spotting: Palm Springs Expert Server

Sorry about the lack of photos, this is the first time I have tried this so yay! Anyways this is going to be a daily thing I am starting, so get ready get set! Pictures:

Air Canada A319


Delta Boeing 717-200

United A320 landing

Cessna 208 A.K.A. Caravan

Thank you for paying attention to these! Have a great evening!


Thank you @SingaporeAirlines I forgot about that…

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Moved this to #live 😉

Anyways, lovely spottings!

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United image

Otherwise great photos!

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lol I feel you pain… we all hate United

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Haha, I truly hope that you are actually referring to [United Airlines] ( itself rather than relating to [United Virtual] ( instead. For the record, some of us here on the currently active [Infinite Flight Community] ( still happen to appreciate [United Airlines] ( as a whole and its consistent service throughout despite certain specific actions of misbehaving individuals… Otherwise, these are some amazingly great images of these aircraft overall!


Great Pictures! Great to see and fly in all the activity in Expert Social today! :)

I don’t hate United. I actually like United.


I am taking about the real airline, the statement I made was more of an assumption, I don’t expect everyone to hate United


Yeah, that just sounded and or can be interpreted as a pretty strong or harsh statement though in general for both “organizations” that can possibly be involved xD


And I’m talking about the real world airline also. I do not dislike or hate United IRL. I like United VA and I like United Airlines.


I don’t like United Bully Beatdown Airlines but this is getting off topic.


I agree, I think I contributed to it though… 😢

At least these are appropriate aircrafts for KPSP (nothing to crazy, like A380/B747).

No need to bump a 2 month old topic just to say that man… ;)


Yeah I know sorry :(
I just like to find older topics and just boost them back up sometimes ;)

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Yea dont do that, its called necroposting. Which is against community guidelines.

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That’s right, but then again. It is only two months, if it was say 8 months it would be unacceptable.

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A topic closes after 3 months…

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Well not all topics. I have seen topics from 2 years ago that are not closed.