Infinite Flight Spotting: Palm Springs Expert Server

Sorry about the lack of photos, this is the first time I have tried this so yay! Anyways this is going to be a daily thing I am starting, so get ready get set! Pictures:

Air Canada A319


Delta Boeing 717-200

United A320 landing

Cessna 208 A.K.A. Caravan

Thank you for paying attention to these! Have a great evening!


Thank you @SingaporeAirlines I forgot about that…

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Moved this to #live 😉

Anyways, lovely spottings!

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United image

Otherwise great photos!

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lol I feel you pain… we all hate United

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Haha, I truly hope that you are actually referring to [United Airlines] ( itself rather than relating to [United Virtual] ( instead. [Spoiler]For the record, some of us here on the currently active [Infinite Flight Community] ( still happen to appreciate [United Airlines] ( as a whole and its consistent service throughout despite certain specific actions of misbehaving individuals…[/Spoiler] Otherwise, these are some amazingly great images of these aircraft overall!


Great Pictures! Great to see and fly in all the activity in Expert Social today! :)

I don’t hate United. I actually like United.


I am taking about the real airline, the statement I made was more of an assumption, I don’t expect everyone to hate United


Yeah, that just sounded and or can be interpreted as a pretty strong or harsh statement though in general for both “organizations” that can possibly be involved xD


And I’m talking about the real world airline also. I do not dislike or hate United IRL. I like United VA and I like United Airlines.


I don’t like United Bully Beatdown Airlines but this is getting off topic.


I agree, I think I contributed to it though… 😢

At least these are appropriate aircrafts for KPSP (nothing to crazy, like A380/B747).

No need to bump a 2 month old topic just to say that man… ;)


Yeah I know sorry :(
I just like to find older topics and just boost them back up sometimes ;)

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Yea dont do that, its called necroposting. Which is against community guidelines.

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That’s right, but then again. It is only two months, if it was say 8 months it would be unacceptable.

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A topic closes after 3 months…

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Well not all topics. I have seen topics from 2 years ago that are not closed.