Infinite Flight Spotting (LAX Expert)


Me and @Charlieab29 flew from Dublin to Los Angeles last night and as LAX was featured and very busy, I took some photos of aircraft on the ground at LAX.
Expert server.

For the first photo, we have a 787 on the runway, and another aircraft taxiing.

An Alaska Dash 8 shining in the sunset.

A Delta B757 and a KLM B777 at their gates.

A Cathay Pacific B777 behind an Asiana A350 heading to Seoul

JetBlue A321 on final from Boston

A Delta 737 on finals

That’s everything for today, thanks for viewing my photos, and feedback is appreciated!


Here we see a staredown happening between 2 airline alliance members… The KLM and Delta are sizing each other up, seeing who will move first.

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Nice I need 19 more landings and 25 more mins of flying time then I get my grade 2 rank

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Unique photos! Love them all:)

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Best of luck!

Thank you :)

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Wow great pics 🤩

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Thank you!