Infinite Flight Splash Screen Contest

As many of you are aware, the current splash screen has been in the app for quite some time, and we think it’s time for a change! For the next one, we are inviting members of the community to submit their best screenshot for a chance to have it showcased as the new splash screen!

All of the information and the rules are mentioned in the link below, which is also where you will need to submit your screenshot. It is time to break out your thinking and creativity caps (although some may be in storage for the summer), and submit your best possible shot and possibly be the next “screenshotographer” featured on the next splash screen! Is there any among you that are up for this challenge? Who will it be? Also, not only will the winning image be featured, but the winner will also receive a 1 month of Live to their account! Will it be you?

Click the link for details and to submit your screenshot. DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD or you will be disqualified! Ready…GO!

UPDATE: Contest is now closed! The winner will be announced this week no later than Thursday! Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest!


Exciting 😉 time to get snapping!


Can I submit that cool photo you ignored (again) or am I dq’d 👿


I haven’t ignored any of your screenshots doofus. I still have them all saved collectively in the trash folder so it doesn’t clutter my inbox.


This automatically disqualifies you since you cannot follow instructions.


Wat I just wanted to show the Community my entry!

You edited the post after My Pic

If the entry makes the splash screen, EVERYONE will see it. SMH


Yeah, I did. I really didn’t think I would need to mention it in the post but since you were kind enough to validate the fact that I did need to, I went ahead and changed it.


Think I might have to enter myself! Can’t wait to see the winners.

So Am I still Eligible to win?

@Alfonso22. So no, you aren’t

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Awesome that the community gets to have the chance to influence what is going to be shown in the app. I can’t wait to see the amazing entries!

Oh boy, I cannot wait to take some photos! 😃

What does that mean?

Good luck to everybody on this contest!

If your on iOS, go to edit the Photo in Photos App, then go to the crop section and go to the bottom left hand corner and press the button… Then press 16:9 :)



I’ve got something up my sleeve for sure. Good luck all!


I think the splash screen should show global , this for example looks gorgeous image