Infinite flight space usage

Hey, on my phone IF takes 6.12 Gt, and Im curious is it supposed to take that much.
I have very restricted storage space on my phone and literally cant download anything else, nor does a SD card work cause when on a SD the game glitches and lags alot.
If I press the erase data button, there will be remaining about 300 Mt of the app.
Im afraid if I do so, Ill lose all my planes or account.
Should I do it or not?

You won’t lose your purchased aircraft or subscription. When reinstalled, press “restore purchases” to get your aircraft or subscription back (login with same credentials)

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Hello! Nothing is wrong. The reason Infinite Flight is taking up more space now than before is because just as before, even aircraft you hadn’t downloaded gets downloaded automatically when you encounter them online.

The difference now is that they are downloaded in full quality, and the more recent updated/published aircrafts take up more space than they used to due to higher quality graphics and so on.

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