Infinite Flight Sound Issue

Hello, I just finished a flight on the B757 from KJFK-KLAS. The flight was amazing except for one issue. I was trying to connect my Air Pods to my computer but when I put them in my ears, they accidentally automatically connected to my iPad (the device my flight was running on). I then disconnected them from the device and noticed that my audio was gone. Though the ATC audio was still there for the remainder of the flight. I tried numerous things like quickly leaving the app and rejoining, connecting and disconnecting my Air Pods again, and playing around with the volume sliders in the Infinite Flight app settings. None of these things worked and I was disappointed that I had no volume except ATC voice. I was wondering if this is an Infinite Flight issue, or is it a device issue? Also, I have noticed this issue before Version 20.3 was released and I have also noticed the issue while flying on other arcrafts. Thank you and have a wonderful evening!

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I’ve actually noticed the same exact issue for my device. I have been doing long hauls for a few nights in a row, and I always had my AirPods on that I intended to use for a different device. When I first take them out though, they automatically pair with the device that I am flying on and when disconnected I lose sound.

One thing you could do to prevent this is turn off Bluetooth on the device that you’re using to fly and turn it back on once done using AirPods.

Yeah, after the first few times that this started happening to me. I realized that I should start turning Bluetooth off but I keep forgetting. Hopefully I can start remembering.😅