Infinite flight solo mode

The solo mode screen is blank for me and I can’t fly unless I do online. Dose this happen to anyone else?

Have you tried restarting the app or rebooting your device?


That’s some good advice

Yes this happens every now and then but yes that dose help.
Just wondering if it’s just my device.
I’m on an iPad Pro so.

Ohh ok that’s never happened to me, I’m on IPhone 7+

It doesn’t sound like a problem with your iPad, especially not if it’s a newer device like an iPad Pro

Never heard of that ever. Can you get back to us with a screenshot please? :)

Yes I can!

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Hey, I’ll overrule Seb here :)
An app restart will fix this. There’s a fix for the issue coming in 20.3


I’ll let it slip this one time…


Ok thanks for fixing it

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I will try to get it like that again it just happens randomly

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I was messing with Cameron ;)
No need for it, it’s already fixed for the next version!

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