Infinite Flight Smooth Landing Compilation [HD]

Hey IFC! ❤

Today I present a New YouTube Video! 🔥

Aircraft: B777, A350, A320, A330, B737!
Server: Expert Server!



Hope you guys liked it! 🔥

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Awesome vid mate!

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Now didn’t they tell you to make a separate one topic for each video? I can help you make it.

There is only 1 video in this topic…


I mean like a topic where he posts every video. So we can avoid clogging the posts and make it into like a database if you know what I mean.

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@PilotCSG I looked at the #screenshots-and-videos rules and there’s nothing about that except no more that one topic per day.


No, on Yassin’s last topic, I advised him to make one. He may still be working on a thread.

I wasn’t pointing out that there was a rule against this.

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Lads why do ye care tbf. Mind your own business like. If he wants to post his great videos everyday then so be it. Not your place to be telling him what he can and cannot do.

Btw good video as per usual Yassin!


I understand you guys are trying to help, i tried to think to create a thread only for my Youtube videos but it will be flagged as promoting. So I’ll have to create a thread for every video now…
Thank you all for the support!

I understand your last post Yassin. And BTW Declan, I was just trying to help. I hadn’t implied that he had broken any rules. Please PM me if you have anything else to say on this

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Declan didn’t know about the last post where you told me for the first time to put all my vids in one thread. So everything is fine guys! It’s just a miss understanding

Ino about that but my issue is why shouldn’t you post your videos here rather than I’m just one thread. There’s no rule against it so I don’t see why you can’t post all your videos here.

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Just a correction Yassin. I didn’t tell you. I advised you. But if that is promoting definitely don’t.

I am gonna step out of this conversation now. Nice Video as always!

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I watched the video and liked it a lot because is it me or when you see a smooth landing you feel relaxed or happy

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That’s should be for all avgeeks haha
Thank you btw! Appreciate the nice comment! 🔥

فيديو جميل استمروا في ذلك! Also, Singapore Airlines doesn’t fly the A350 to Manila, they fly the 787.

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Yes, I know that, Thanks :)