Infinite Flight | Sky View of LAX Time Lapse...NEW VIDEO!

Hey guys! On this first of February, I bring to you one of the coolest time lapses ever: Sky View.


Community in 5 VIDEO! (1/31/17)

OLD VIDEO (1/30/17) (10:45 EST LAST UPDATE)

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That was cool, next time you should position yourself on the runway

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Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely try that!

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That video is absolutely awesome! I would love to see one during peak times.

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Maybe one on TS1 at LAX…That would be so funny. Thank you so much for the feedback!


Love your work mate!

Thank you so much! Is there anything I should improve on?

Turn off the tags when you’re not specifically wanting to film people’s names or flight numbers.

Okay will do. Thanks for your input!

Hey, what song is that? Is that Tobu?

Roots, by Tobu. I need 20 characters so that is why i wrote more lol.

Yeah, you answered my question already on YouTube. :)

Just a warning in case you get caught with multiple offences ;-)

Well I had to answer a question. What am I supposed to do? like the post?


Yeah I know, it’s just a warning that it’s no one else’s fault for not telling you not to bypass the rule if you get suspended or something.




Yeah I know. Thanks for telling me that. I will put more adjectives in my text from now on.

Find it funny how some aircraft are taking off 25, to others taking off 07.

That is what made me laugh the most. There is no point in being ATC at LAX, people just don’t care.

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Great videos, Can’t wait to see more time laps