Infinite Flight Size Increasing Rapidly

I have 3GB of extra storage on my tablet. I downloaded Infinite Flight almost two years ago and never had a problem with storage. Then about 4 months ago, the size of Infinite Flight insreased rapidly. So I cleared all of Infinite Flight’s memory and signed back into everything again, reset my settings to how I had them and did a flight. Just a normal 1h 15min flight. At the the end of each flight, I have a storage warning that says, “Almost out of storage.” I checked the storage on Infinite Flight and it was already at 2.5 GB!

I’ve been resetting everything for the last 4 months now, but it is getting to be a pain.

If I can get some feedback and help, that would be great!


I don’t follow. You said that you started out with 3GB of storage, but then you had 2.5 later, so what do you mean?

Well, note that IF has updates suddenly, like, new airports, new textures, new planes, liveries, etc.
It is normal that throughout these years it has come heavier.



This is because of new aircraft being added which are of higher quality. There is nothing that can be done unfortunately. Other games offering similar experiences use even more storage so I would be thankful. Look at how much storage fortnite takes up.


I downloaded Infinite Flight again a few days ago, and after one flight the storage was a 2.5 GB. But before I downloaded it a second time, I had 3GB



To elaborate a bit on what @Chatta290 said;
This is because we automatically download the aircrafts you encounter while flying on any of our servers, but have yet to download.
The reason behind this is because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see other users which might end up with you landing on top of another or taxiing through them.


This is also my case, and the reason for this is the aircraft that automatically download.

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Ok, I gotchu. Thanks a lot

Ok so I am hearing different things, could somebody who knows let us know if downloading the aircraft beforehand will make things easier on our devices than not and having IF system auto download aircraft that we encounter in-game?

Sometimes aircraft don’t show up for me in IF but others do, should I download most of them to help with that?

@Patria If I’m mistaken, I’m sure someone will correct me. To answer your question to the best of my knowledge, downloading all of the aircraft to make it easier on your device may help, even though downloading all 57 aircraft would take up a significant amount of space. I fly the 787 99% of the time because I absolutely love the plane. However, I do have most of the commercial aircraft downloaded just from over time and miscellaneous reasons. I have rarely had a problem with encountering another aircraft and not being able to see it (sometimes it does take a minute to show up). My “airplane count” is also on high. Maybe give it a try since it gives me no problems