Infinite Flight Singapore (IFSG)

The existing group is dead with no admins so I decided to come up with my own group…

Anyways it isn’t a VA and neither is the new IFSG affiliated with SIA VA.

What I do hope out of the purpose of creating a new IFSG to have is more people to help as ATC at WSSS as when I do ATC, there isn’t Approach and Centre… Though I have @Yunkeru, he isn’t as active as I am…

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Yea it’s been a month haha but still no sidekicks :(

I knew it was you who wrote this the minute I saw the title :)

Good luck.

Well who else in here is even passionate about Singapore other than me?

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Haha sorry bout being less active. I dont have the time to atc while working since im on service sector and im hardly at home. I do fly frequently around regions though, since its easier to be on AP and work =p

Im also practicing my musical stuff recently. You can let me know in advance and I’ll put off some hours at night ^^

Though probably over the weekend is best since my shift ends quite late these days xD Hope more people interested who have more free time can help you out too ^^

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Apparently we’re shorthanded and it’s bad…

Was anyone here doing some touch and goes at Madeira a while ago? Wanna have a chat? I’m the Thomson 737

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I’m not sure. But I believe you are referring to the wrong IFSG. As it seems that IFSG is already inactive today unfortunately

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