Infinite Flight Sim Gift Cards

Hello, IFC!

This is a request for Infinite Flight gift cards!

We already have gift cards in the store but this is different. These are not cards to buy merchandise, but rather subscription cards, or aircraft cards. Let me explain.

There could be a place in the store or the app where you can get virtual cards for friends. There could be cards for one month of a sub for example, or for people without pro, an aircraft card!

You could browse a gallery of cards, such as the 777 family card, a320 family card, etc. and then find the one you want to buy. You then will enter your friend’s email and then they will receive an email with a virtual gift card and a code to enter into their sim so they just unlocked the 777, or got a month of pro, as a gift from you!

I believe this is a good idea as it will help the Infinite Flight brand by being used for birthdays, christmases and other celebrations. When you know your friend plays IF, then give them a month of pro, or a family of planes!

Please consider this idea!

Thank you!


Check your title, I think you mean gift cards there too.

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Sim gift cards :)

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SIM cards? Or Gift Cards?

And since IF did away with all IAPs except for a pro sub, I doubt they would bring them back.


You would get a code to redeem and fly a certain family or get a month of pro or something

(Im not a graphic designer plz dont yell at me lol)

But since we can’t purchase individual aircraft, wouldn’t it be better to just have 1/mo, 6/mo, 1 year gift cards

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That is one of the options, but I thought you could buy an individual plane to fly when you don’t have pro, right?

I remembered buying the dash-8

That was before Global and Pro

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You used to be able to up until a couple of years ago.

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I feel old now 😪

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Alright then just subscriptions then

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Do you mean like trader pack cards? Like Magic the gathering cards (for example) If so, it’s really cool and all but i doubt they’d introduce them anytime soon.

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That would be awesome it would be like all the different loading screens without the writing on them just the pictures beautiful

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The concept can be modified but my original idea was like a netflix gift card kinda. You get an email with a code then you punch in the code and you get a month of pro, or 6 months, etc

Ahh okay, sorry just the photo you put seemed like a trader pack card thing, yeah but similar thing, they do giveaways and that occasionally because through the app store or play store it’s convenient but i think it’d take longer to introduce that type of technology into a game that’s currently going through a major update.

But i wont be opposed if they do happen to test this out!

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Tbh this would be quite a cool idea to have subscription gift cards - maybe the team will trial it at some point…

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Well no because with that you can use it for other games

IF would be exclusive for the sim

…which makes it more practical.