Infinite flight shuts down

I’ve previously done long haul flights and I’m sure we all do because it’s fun. About 30 minutes ago I was doing Air France 990 from Paris to Johannesburg and I when I woke up my phone said it overheated and needed to cool down. It only took 2 minutes. When I launch infinite flight most of the time I can continue the flight. But yesterday and today was not the case. The app restarts and I have to do another flight. I’m missing Landings because of this. Why does infinite flight kill my phone? I try putting low grafics but on approach to Miami I couldn’t see anything. Any ideas??


If your device overheats it’s best to stress it as little as possible. Have you enabled the Energy Saving mode in IF and turned down your screen brightness as much as possible?

This is an issue I had turning my phone off for school. When you have to restart your device, the apps pretty much refresh.

Yes I have that option to operate low power during long haul flights to save battery.

Yeah I’m not sure why it does that. I couldn’t even land the flight. I missed so many landings because of this problem.

For your problem, I recommend you buy a mini fan which clips onto the back of your device. @AviatorRyan can tell you all about them.

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May I know which device you use for Infinite Flight?

I have an iPhone 11 but maybe If I had an iPad it wouldn’t me much of a problem

No, an iPhone 11 should definitely be capable. It must be something with your settings, screen brightness or background usage. It’s important to keep your device stress-free and cool.

Sure right away! So in case you were wondering. I use a mini fan which cool my device on long hauls. Or I would have a fan by your phone just in case it overheats. Screen Brightness low. And Anti-Aliasing off.

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Well a good tip is keep your phone where there is air flow not sitting flat on a surface prop it up and let some cold air surround it

I lower the brightness but it’s not enough

I have low brightness and anti aliasing off

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Got it. Do you have a small fan in your house? Because when you do long haul’s you can put it by the fan?

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I have a big fan

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The problem might be light exposure from the sun that causes over heat.

Well I did try the settings but It made the Airport disappear

Same issue happened to me I was in a 13 hr flight then my app crashed during approach, it’s really frustrating

Used to happen to me when I had an Iphone 7 doing long hauls lol, But when it did I always took off my case and put my phone on a cold surface or maybe rarely even sometimes in the refrigerator for about 2-5 minutes to cool down faster.

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Probably just a game crash, i have had a few crashes before aswell.