Infinite Flight Shuts Down After 7 Hour Flight

Hello! I just want to point out this statement that I have been doing a test flight around Training server that would have lasted for about 9 hours of flight.

Anyway I was 7 hours into the flight when IF started to lose connection with API service, Global Server, and Live Server. And suddenly it freezes.

7 hours of flight time and exp lost for nothing!

You probably just had poor connection 🤷‍♂️

No my wifi was at 5 bars

(Was also 5 gig)

Was there any bad weather rolling through your area? also I know how you feel once I was on final at Dallas after 16 hrs of flight time from Dubai and I accidentally closed out of the app


  • What device were you using at the time and are you updated to the latest version of IF?
  • What were your graphics settings at the time?

Your XP is saved throughout your flight , so don’t worry about that :)

Nope it is sunny here

Was using Samsung Note8 at graphics at medium

While your WiFi may show connection you can still lose internet connection. If your device only relies on WiFi like a WiFi only iPad IF will freeze and you’ll have to restart the app, ending the flight.

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One thing, just because your wifi is showing full bars doesn’t mean anything, it can show bars and not even be working… Sounds like an connection issue so

That might be the reason why

One thing, did all services shut down a once or individually


Best idea would be fully restart your device so it’s a fresh connection and try again, if it happens i’d restart the router and or call your provider.

Alright then

That’s not too bad. (for my standards at least 😂)

My 14 hr flight went to the dumps when I disabled battery saver as I was on approach. It messed up my S10 as it was going to change back to my selected resolution. Had to restart my phone…

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