Infinite Flight Servers

I’m currently 8:37 into a flight and it said that I’m connecting. It has been like this for about 1-2 hours. Are the servers down?

Working just fine over here.

Can’t really help you too much when we don’t know the server you’re flying on, your device information, if you’re on wifi or cellular, etc. Please try to provide as much information on your post, otherwise you won’t be receiving the help that you need in an expeditious manner.

Oh sorry

Server: Expert
Device: IPad
Network: WiFi

Turn on airplane mode for about 20 seconds or so then turn airplane mode off.

Additionally, when you click on the checkmark in the upper right hand corner on your screen, are they all green check marks?

All but the “live server” check mark that one is red

Ok. Try the airplane mode thing. Give it a few seconds, and see if it resets. If you’re still flying, that’s fine as you’ll lose connection but will remain in the session.

I tried it it did not work so just continue my flight and land?

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You can continue if you wish. It may be something on your end and not necessairly a server wide issue. Seeing that you’re the only one who’s made a topic on this so far, and given the vast number of people who use this app, if there was a server issue, we’d see more topics. I’m flying on the server right now with another individual and I’ve got all green checkmarks. I can see him and he can see me just fine.

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Ok sounds good this can be closed now

Question before that: Did you leave the app in the background for a significant time period before reopening it? That has happened to me before and it kicks me out of the server.

No I did not

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