Infinite Flight server stop work?

Hello IFC
I am a Chinese,at this time,many people tell me they can’t play if now.I also can’t play now.
Need help


@schyllberg Need help now

Please have some patience, the staff have lives and can’t be on the forum 24/7, Seb or another staff member will see the topic and respond to you soon.


I’ve been monitoring GFW activity recently. And an increasing filtering issue has been reported recently. My VPN service provider has also sent me an email confirming the issue. For your solution right now, connect to a VPN and you should be fine. Probably just another packet loss activity of the ChinaNet (FYI it’s the main source for Chinese users to connect to foreign Internet services. The ChinaNet will automatically do some intentional pocket loss when bandwidth ain’t enough). I’ve just sent Seb a message about this moments ago before your post. He will check it when he’s available. Please avoid tagging staff and devs as they’re very busy. 🙂


Thank you Leon 😊 I think the Chinese government has strengthened the firewall

Ok, thanks!

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Yes, I’m in China and I’ve noticed it. This is very urgent because it will cause many IF players to delete the game! So be sure to fix it as soon as possible!

Thanks but avoid tagging staffs.

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OK, I have fixed the response.

It is your goverment that has to be blamed for intentionaly keep you from leisure gaming. Not the developer of the game.

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@Major-Tom We are not sure. Only an idea

Maybe our government just blocked some api (such as google API or something), and Infinite Flight use those api in the server.

We cannot prevent the government to block this, but we just hope that IF can be fixed as soon as possible, because it is a win-win outcome.

When you say it does not work, can you be more specific. What it not working? Launching, live flight, can you fly solo? etc.

I am a Chineses too , when I was in China , the problem is sometimes that when you open infinite flight it’s connecting all time , or you have connected , but when you opening a flight , it’s always in that loading page .

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I have this same problem,that i must connect vpn to play Infinite Flight.But some players don’t have an VPN.It causes us play game terrible.Hope staff can solve this problem ASAP.Thanks😊

Sometimes that when you open infinite flight it’s connecting all time(always in launching), or you have connected , but when you opening a flight , it’s always in that loading page.

Thanks. We will look into it further.


No prob! Hope you can fix it as soon as possible! :)


Sorry to hear about this. But perhaps something good can come out of this.
There’s been no changes on our end in terms of server connectivity, so the most logical assumption is that there’s been some changes on the GFW or on the ISP (service provider) level.

First of all i would like to know exactly what error message you are receiving when experiencing this?

Is it the one below, or something else? Or several?