Infinite Flight Secrets: Something You Never Knew About

Many people have mentioned the mysterious screen on the new 757, but so far there are no other topics (or either closed) covering the information in here. That’s why I made this. As the title suggests, these are details that can’t be noticed easily. Most of them are found in older aircraft, since IF users tend to focus on the newer ones, and the others basically go unnoticed.

  1. The 767 Engine Is Not An Engine.

    Look closely. It doesn’t have any fans and blades.

  2. The Cessna Citation doesn’t have a door.

  3. The 717 also has no cargo door.

  4. The landing gear on the A330 is never locked properly. It looks like it’s still extending. Note the gear door.

  5. The A380 engine looks like its fan is still rotating when turned off.

  6. The E Jet family of planes are always floating off the ground. You can’t put the nosewheel on the ground during landing.

  1. Weird 717 Engine

    Well, the 717 engine has a mysterious cube inside but no fans. Also, the centre part where the compressors are supposed to be is empty. You can see through the fans as well…

  2. Not An Engine

    This is the interior of the A380 engine. It only has a fan without blades. No compressors?! How is that even possible?

  3. Unsupported Landing Gear

    This is the 747 landing gear. It’s unsupported! It’s basically floating in midair! I don’t know how it can withstand the weight of a 747.

  4. Empty Engine on the A330-200F

    Seriously, do you call this an engine? It has no fans and compressors.

  5. Strange Landing Gear

    The nose gear of the A332 has its struts hanging in midair. How can it hold up an A330?!?

  6. Fans but no compressors

    The number 1 and 3 engines on the DC and MD family has fans but is hollow inside.

  7. Empty Engine (again)

    The number 2 engine on the DC and MD family has NOTHING in it, similar to the A330-200F.

Once more, I am NOT demanding a rework for these planes here. I vote for them in the Features category. This is also NOT a duplicate. So far, no one has made a topic about these details.

Thanks for reading!


this may or may not be taken down but in case it does, let me say this is cool as heck I’ve never noticed these. nice pointing these out.


Lol, although you do not demand a rework, you publish some of the existing bugs. I wouldn’t call that a secret and I’d rather make the developers aware by posting in the support category.


Yes, but I just want to show everybody the minute details…

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Like the screens on the 757. Those people posted it on General.

757 is the easiest plane to land in IF and it is the fastest stopper in all narrow body jets.

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I actually knew about almost all of these. Nice work


I rarely fly these aircraft so I never noticed lol.


Most aircraft have the nose wheel off the ground apart from the newer reworked aircraft


There is also one thing for most of the new aircraft: if you set the new drone cam inside the engine you’ll see the fan still static and the animated one in front of it :)

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This is all aircraft actually. The reason is due to the wind depending on it’s velocity :)

Also the free camera is not meant to look at aircraft from the inside out, rather the outside in, especially on aircraft not made to have an interior to be seen from the inside of the aircraft

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I honestly discovered the C750 like before but great topic

IF’s older planes are the best.

I always find it nice to see these little unintentional but funny things. Makes me glad we still have a few in-reworked planes 😜. I never knew about the missing cargo door on the 717!

I found a little somethin’ in the Cessna Citation a while back. The Cube of Knowledge in all its glory!


All of CRJ series have no engine fan in their engine

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I know. There are too many of these…

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the MD and DC aircrafts doesn’t have fan blades on the tail engine.


Actually, there’s more… I’ll add them to this topic in future.