Infinite Flight screenshots now include location!

Not sure whether this applies to iOS or other versions of Android, but at least on my Android 12 Galaxy S10, when using the in-built screenshot feature, it features the approximate location of where the screenshot was taken since 24.2 was released, which is pretty cool.

Here’s a pre-24.2 example:

And here are two 24.2 examples:


I’m on an IPad to play IF, and mine has always done this, even with random pictures above the coast of Somalia, it gives me an exact location, it’s amazing!


Love that feature! IOS has done that for years, not sure about Android though.


It never did that until 24.2 on Android, at least from my experience. Glad to see it finally added on Android!


Always had this on IOS, cool to see its on android now!

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iOS has had it for a while

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek posted about it in September 2022

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IOS definitely had. Never went to JFK, but I have photos registered to that area


Pretty sure on IOS its Ben around since the modern replay feature was introduced


pretty sure it’s always been like this

It has been around for quite a while now, quite much actually, but cool to see it. 🆒

I think its been on android for a while, ive seen it a bunch of times. I think at least from 2019. if i had to guess!

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just realized a couple weeks ago it did thay

Correct. It’s been around long, and it’s precise.

The one case where Apple beats Android… Showing a location on an image.

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Not anymore!