Infinite Flight screenshot used as a Logo for another App

Hello all,

I found this app

That uses a screenshot from IF as a logo and PS it with JFK in the Background. How would this be tolerated?

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umm… where is the infinite flight logo at?

A screenshot from Infinite Flight

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Yeah i dont see it nor any resemblance


It may be similar. But I don’t think it’s the same

Unless he means the etihad in the pic i dont get it

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Look at that Etihad A380, isnt that IF?

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MAYBE the ground is from IF. But honestly most mobile games are garbage and copy other games so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is from IF. Sadly no one does anything about it.

EDIT: ok actually this is obviously from the game, the etibad logo is just photoshopped out.


I can recreate that exact image

Ohhhh i kinda see it now

Who really cares? We all know Infinite flight is the best flight simulator out there for IOS/Android and this copy probably won’t benefit from this anyway.


Im pretty sure thats not IF