Infinite Flight Scenery

These are a collection of infinite flight scenery photos. Enjoy!! All of these were taken on solo time n/a route n/a date: various

  1. Canadian mountain (I think the rocky mts)

  1. Himalayan mountains

  2. Some where in South America

  1. Somewhere in Hawaii

  2. Australian Outback

  1. And finally the Mediterranean

Thanks for viewing and hope to see you all in the skies,

These are beautiful!

Thank you @cptlogue

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Surprised the mountains around Juneau, Alaska weren’t featured. But I will say that the photos you have here are awesome!

Beautiful world 👌

Amazing how IF developed over the years, and yet more cool stuff to come to the sim.

The 3rd photo is stunning, imagine it with some clouds layers 😍

Will try that next time and thank you

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Do u mean something like this?

can’t wait for clouds!!


Exactly :)

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Some of the most beautiful areas of the world. Stunning pictures! You’re just missing the Alps ;) Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, I definitely go to the alps and take pictures with Alaska too! Thanks for the idea


No problem!

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Wow! That’s pretty scenic.

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Did I see Hawaii 🥰

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If its higher altitude its much moar beautiful during flights

Awesome screenshots, mate! I highly recommend flying around the Balkans, it will bring you some awesome scenery! Look at a photo from IF from my takeoff from Sofia today, not edited:

Ya I agree

Thanks for the recommendation will definitely keep it I’m mind and thank you

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