Infinite Flight + Samsung DeX = Perfection

They dont use USB?

I was thinking it might work since others have made apps that use the physics and numbers given to display instruments - not sure though - I mean it’s only a $100 lol if nobody has tried it yet - I’ll risk it not a bad price

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They have USB, tried with 3 different OTG Cabel / Hubs and on different devices. (Shield, S7, S3 and S8+).
But nothing worked.

Are you connecting it via the Samsung dex unit

Hello! what do you have the Prop and mixture binded 2? Just wondering, also great setup!

I dont have that set up for anything yet - they are considered axis and IF doesnt support land gears and flaps on axis - not yet anyways

Not the Orginal Samsung Dex. But only Screen Mirroring.

Look into Nexjack! Its $29 on amazon cheaper than the Samsung DEX but has same functionality.

Charges the phone and allows USB connections also

EDIT I am returning the NexJack converter as it’s been having intermittent issues after a couple of days

Can also use as Dex. Can’t see any advantage of dex.

The Dex feature I feel like efficiently runs IF without an issue

I guess there’s no harm in trying. If it doesn’t work you can use it with x plane or one of the other big sims

Okay, what Device S4 or S9 ?

S4 isn’t supported S9 is

After a couple of days using NexJack it’s been giving intermittent issues - I thought the product itself was promising and could offer the same as Samsung dex for a third of the price -

Did some digging, I guess other people have the same issues I’m having it works for a couple of days after purchase and then it randomly blacks out and has video output issues. So far I’ve returned the NexJack to Amazon and I ordered the DexPad which is an official product by Samsung- so far its solid - it’s a lot better from what I’m seeing - supports HD output which is great with infinite flight - has an inbuilt fan to keep the device cool also - will keep you guys updated on my experience with it!


I have been using the official Samsung DeX pad for a couple of weeks now.
It’s a lot better, better video quality and no noticeable lag when I’m flying in busy airspace.

Glad I spent a few extra dollars to get official one

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That’s a pretty neat setup… One thing that j personally use on occasions is either the built in streaming on my TV (however this is sometimes quite buggy, and Can result in some serious frame dropping)
Or I’ll connect my device to my Amazon Fire Stick, as they support wireless casting.
I don’t use wired peripherals, so I can still charge my phone as usual, and it gives me an “on TV” effect, whilst still being able to charge my phone, and also use a proper joystick and throttle control.
I’ll have to take a picture at some point…

A similar thing can also be achieved using Windows Casting, and if you know your way around the software, you can map certain keyboard commands to the screen to allow for remote control essentially.


So actually with the DeX you can still charge your phone and since the screen isn’t turned on to display IF it charges quite fast!

It also has an inbuilt cooling fan so the device doesn’t become hot, I’ve tried casting via wireless before and it becomes very laggy though

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I just bought the dex from Amazon. When I plug in the HDMI nothing shows up on my tv screen. Any tips? Thanks

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Did you connect the power cord to it? And also connect the phone

I’ve got the Galaxy A8, it’s not supported with dex :(. Thanks for your help though.