Infinite Flight + Samsung DeX = Perfection

Lately I have been looking into ways to heighten my Infinite Flight experience by purchasing various addons to my ideal set up.

Last year I did attempt to hookup my Raspberry Pi with Infinite Flight however its disappointing support for Android burnt that idea.

So this year I went ahead and purchased the logitek flight yoke and quadrant it worked well on my android device however it was slightly ridiculous having such a huge setup only to be looking into a tiny screen - so I did what anyone would do and try a connection to chromecast (screen mirror feature for androids) that was connected to my projector ( hoping it would work) unfortunately it didnt work as well as I had expected - it was streaming over wifi and I was also using the wifi for Infinite Flight so it lagged a lot and had a lot of framerate drops.
Not to mention the battery consumption at this point because my yoke system was connected via OTG and therefore I could not charge my device at the same time.

The other day, I came over an ad for a product that replicated the Samsung Dex feature at a third of the price and it was available on Amazon so I had it sent overnight and well… what can I say? I am pretty impressed.

The quality of Infinite Flight on the big screen really brings out the hard work and detail put into this flight simulator, so far I have been doing touch and goes with some GA and I did one short haul flight in the CRJ200.

The Samsung Dex feature really has a lot to offer with Infinite Flight and I recommend anybody that has the ability to use Samsung Dex to fly with the simulator.

If anybody is looking into building a low cost flight simulator small enough to be in their room this is probably the most cost effective way of doing so.

Picture attached of my current setup - I will be adding more things as I come across them - I am looking into a way to push my Dex to connect to my projector to take IF to an even higher level.

I apologize for the poor picture quality, I was not able to use my phone, so I had to use… shudder an iPhone…


That is a phone… anyways what a setup!


I have that same yoke and throttle quadrant. Sadly with my work load I couldn’t sacrifice my desk space.
Waiting for it to be usefull though!

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Thanks 😎 I definitely want to add more stuff soon!


I bought a small coffee table from IKEA - works great and it’s at a good height!


Love the set up! I wish, I could have something like that! 😄


Never too late to start!


My setup consists of an armchair, a small coffee table, an IOS charger, and an IPod. Well, beggars can’t be choosers I guess 😂


When I first started IF all I had was an iPad.

Your setup will slowly grow with your needs!

Well, I guess I don’t have much of those right now 🙃

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Cool stuff mate, might try to get some of those

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If you have any questions about the setup shoot me a PM.

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I heard about Samsung Dex, does this work with older devices (Galaxy Note 8) or is it only the new ones?

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It does work with the Note 8, the device I bought to unlock my Samsung dex is called NexJack!

Compatible with Note 8, S8, S8+ - it needs the oreo update

EDIT I am returning the NexJack converter as it’s been having intermittent issues after a couple of days

My next addition to this setup will be the footpedals for rudder control and brakes!
Will post pictures in this thread once I get them!

Also does anybody know of the logitech guages work with Infinite flight with USB connection?

I was thinking of getting a Saitek Pro flight yoke and this definitely has convinced me to get it!

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If you mean the pro flight instrument panel (linked below), I doubt it as Infinite flight doesn’t yet have working instruments therefore it won’t display on the panel. Not to sure though, don’t trust me 100%.


I also use Samsung Dex / Screen Mirror on my S8+.

I have some questions about the throttle quadrant and IF.

  • Do you connect the device via OTG cabel / hub ?
  • Works Reverse Thrust ?
  • You config the other levers for flaps / gear ?


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I have the Pro Pedals but they only work with Live Flight Connect, not directly OTG.

So with the Logitech flight yoke and quadrant I plug it in via OTG and works great, the quadrant itself comes with 3 USB slots one of which I use for a keyboard.

Reverse thrusts works only if you assign a lever push down to activate thrust while your throttle is pushed into about 50% thrust

It’s difficult to assign the flaps and gears to the lever since the levers are considered to be an AXIS as opposed to a button.

For it to work FDS would have to assign the gears and flaps as an AXIS as opposed to button.

Now with the flight yoke the plane will be very jumpy with the basic settings - here’s my suggestion for a decent response and realistic feel

I might supply a tutorial this week for my setup so if anybody wants to use it they can use same format I used - very basic but very fun!

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