Infinite Flight Safety Video

Here’s what me and some of my Korean forum members were working for the past few months, the Infinite Flight Safety Video!

*This is not targeted to a specific (virtual) airline, the virtual airline appearing in the video is just a representation of my community. Please note that IFMK VA is not a operating airline. Also the voice is not mine.

Since a lot of people wanted to participate (My Korean IF forum has a total of approx. 2500 members), unfortunately we had to choose 5 people to work on it.

Even though the voice is in Korean, English subtitles are shown.
Click here to watch

Also, the background music is the one used for the old DL safety video. We bought the license from the original creator.


I would highly recommend slightly tooling with some of the graphics shown but, otherwise you guys did a pretty significant job on this specific project!


The theme of the project was ‘simplicity’ so I think the one who edited it didn’t care about it much, but thanks tho :-)


Did you know IF Passengers has safety videos right?

Wow! This is very good and well produced! Must have taken a long time to do.

Awesome video! Looks like a lot of work has been put into it :)

Looks awesome TonleSap! It would be awesome to see more videos like this in the future and great animation imho!

Keep Up the Good Work!

I haven’t installed the app yet, so no.

They have, but it’s meant for real world airlines

(i.e Singapore Airlines Safety Video, Cathay Pacific Safety Video)

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Thanks all for your compliments! I would also thank all of the Korean forum members who gave help for this video (apparently there are some in this forum as well) All I did is buy the music, write the script, and do the 3D part :-)

Are they all on this forum?

I don’t know… I posted the link for here tho

5 people seem to prefer flying without safety instructions.

It’s good but you ripped off the delta safety video music and the fact it’s not in English at all kind of ruined it for me but the graphics were cool!

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