Infinite Flight’s realism is incredible……but there’s a slight problem

Warning: I’m not used to making this type of post. I’m not great at debating or addressing issues very well. But I might as well try.

Okay, first part. Liveries. The way liveries have been treated recently is kind of weird. Many old liveries have been removed all because an airline changed their livery irl, went bust or have been gone. Here’s the thing. This is a simulator. This is not the real world. An old livery being kept next along with a current one isn’t a crime. Remember the UAL 777 situation and how that went? That’s what I mean. You know the new features rule about how bust airline liveries can only be the livery that was used at the time of death? Or how we can now only request current liveries? I have a question about it……

What is the point?

Before I say more, I’m going to say I love IF for their realism, but sometimes it’s a bit much. I know storage has to be saved and all that but still. I also don’t think using IRL situations is a reason to remove a livery. Airlines do it in order to modernize the fleet and to keep up with current trends. Which is good. But a flight simulator??? It doesn’t really add up. There’s no livery trends going on.

Next thing, aircraft. I’ve seen a few instances of requested aircraft likely not getting in or reworked because they are phased out IRL or are just underutilized. Again, it’s a simulator not real life. An old/classic aircraft being added/reworked doesn’t do anything bad to the realism. They’re being requested for a reason. People want them in IF. People want them to be reworked. The 717 may be phased out, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be reworked. The Md-80 is long gone, but again, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered at some point. Using IRL situations doesn’t mean anything. Real life is real life. A simulator is just that….a simulator. It can replicate real life as much as it wants to, but it doesn’t have to follow every single move made in RWA.

I’m someone who likes classic aviation, despite never experiencing it when it existed. I can’t go back in time and see old planes. I can only do that in a simulator. I can only do that here or on something else. There’s no other way.
Furthermore, a lot of classic airline liveries are on pro aircraft. I pay for pro. I payed to be able to use said liveries/aircraft in order to replicate a time long gone in aviation. But when these old aircraft and liveries are removed because of real world situations, my options become limited. I don’t really want to be forced to use modern planes, as much as I like them too. I want to be able to use older liveries. Removing them is just pointless. Why would I pay for something only for it to be removed because it’s gone irl? That doesn’t make any sense. If a simulator like IF is going to remove liveries, there might as well be more warnings saying “some pro liveries and aircraft may be removed.”

Idk, I’ve just seen more use of IRL situations being used when, for the final time, it doesn’t work. It’s been on my mind for a while. I might as well say something about it. I’m probably going to get called selfish or just flat out hated on. I also probably repeated stuff. Listen, I’m not good at these kind of posts okay? 😶


I agree 100%. A lot of people who voted for the A380 in the recent polls kept arguing that the 767 was being retired, isn’t realistic because it’s old, and the only current operators are Delta, United, and JAL/ANA.

In reality, the 767 was flying for nearly 42 years with hundreds of orders and dozens of airlines such as Aeroflot, Eastern, British Airways, Air Astana, Asiana, Austrian, Condor…

And by that logic the A380 is also unrealistic since it’s being sent to retirement after struggling to stay in service for less than 15 years and the only airlines that still fly it often are Lufthansa, Emirates, and Qatar. Don’t get me wrong, I still am glad that it got reworked.

But imagine the devs adding something like a 727 or even an L-1011 to IF… It’s sad because the crowd of people shooting for “realism” are louder than the small group of people who ask for a classic plane or two.


I agree with this 100%, way too many people going on about modern this and realistic that. We need more classic aviation.

I grew up in the early 2000s and am quite fond of the few millennium liveries we have in stock: United Tulip, American Chrome, Continental, NWA, US Airways, TED, the list goes on.

It’s a shame that the recent new-livery rules restrict all additions to the current or most recent livery of an airline. I certainly hope we can still get classic liveries dribbled in among all the modern additions, even if they break the rules (UAL Tulip 757 for an example).


and British airways

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I think along the same lines. I think IF has certainly not neglected older liveries or defunct airlines and there’s a reasonable selection, but there’s so many great older liveries in the US alone that could be added/re-added.

For example the Northwest/nwa livery was removed from the 757 when it was reworked, along with the unpainted/all metal American oneworld livery when the 772 was reworked. I hope if the 767 is redone they don’t take away the tulip!

I also don’t really understand the obsession with only flying current aircraft/routes/airlines… I enjoy doing that but also randomly flying a Malaysian 747 and pretending it’s 2003


Agree. We should be able to experience the past like airlines keep retro liveries.


Yes, I have to agree I’m not fond of the liveries situation with current aircraft. There are many worthy liveries to aircraft that are still in service. For example, did you know Battleship Grey was used on the A320? However, I do understand the situation with storage.

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To speak more about Retro Liveries:

I had mentioned United Battleship Grey and British Airways (Landor) liveries for the 757 as examples.

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Growing up in the 70s/80s in a military family and some in the family just green card holders and always traveling to see family in Bermuda and Florida during the days of Eastern Airlines, Piedmont Airlines to name just a few to my active military days of flying contract air like FEDEX or Evergreen for a short time when a they flew pax or others like British Caledonia, America West and USAir.

This was back in the day when CLT was basically a regional airport to where you either flew Newark or Atlanta to get out of the south to get where you were going.

Back in the day it was all DC9s, 727s and DC10s


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