Infinite Flight’s “Get Me Out of Bed” Feature

Now that I’ve got your attention…

It’s not so much a feature I speak of, not an advertised one anyways. Yet, more of a wonderful side effect of this great sim. I sometimes have a hard time waking up in the morning - knowing that I can snooze the alarm/be lazy/lay there/whatever for another hour and still make it to the office in time, but that leads to a self induced morning rush (to get ready, eat breakfast, etc.) that I inflict on myself - once I do get up.

To combat this over the last year, I’ve learned (along with an alarm clock of course) to time long-haul flights to start descent (within a half hour to 45 minutes to wake up) so that I HAVE to wake up, get up, and land that plane - or else I lose a landing, maybe get a violation, general feeling of failure to start the day, etc…

In doing so - not only do I wake up earlier, I start my day with a sort of feeling of accomplishment (unless I crash on short final), you know - the feeling of getting those little virtual passengers to their destination safely. Whatever the day has in store for me as the first difficult task, just seems easier when I do this - I mean, I’ve already landed a plane! ☺️

I thought it sounded silly - but I told a few coworkers/friends about my habit and they were like “yeah… that makes sense!”, as they noticed I was getting better sleep… haha!

Does anyone else do this? If not, try it out. It will get you up in the morning! Just watch out for (and enjoy) that sweet, sweet sound of the engine to guide you to your destination of slumber.

⚠️ Warning: that sweet sounding spool is also so relaxing it leads to the destination of being late also.

Finally… nothing will get you out of bed quicker while going to bed than the calm engine sound on max volume followed by an alarming “STALL, STALL” but I’ve learned to watch out for that, climb slower, and it’s made me a better pilot (I think.)

In closing: Infinite Flight is not only fun for the whole family, it gets a 10/10 for productive motivational wake ups from me! 🤔 😇


This sim got me up at like 9:15 this morning and i wuz like 🙏 god bless 😪 so i know how u feel

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Haha, exactly! Has saved me a few times… 🙏🏼

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You ain’t the only one 🙋‍♂️

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I fully agree with this. I always am worried I’ll miss my decend every night I fly a long haul

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Hahaha, good to know! There’s been times I just wanted to hear that engine noise and ended up making a whole FPL and flying from Toronto to Dubai or something like that… laying back down like “ahhh yeah”

and then… “Did I turn off the seatbelt sign?” 🙂

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Love doing long hauls and waking cup for a landing. I’ll even go get breakfast and grab coffee and come back for the return leg. Then I’m usually free for the day til landing after dinner or before bed

Yeah same for me and for some reason when I do long hauls I jump out of bed and rush to put my contacts in to prepare for landing; a stark contrast to my usual reluctancy to wake up.

I have the Airbus Master Warning as my Alarm’s ringtone… Starts soft, but if I don’t get up… yeah its gonna hit like a train. Literally jump starts my brain to start the day. Nasty, but effective :)

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for some reason some random movie of multiple childrens cartoons play on my Alexa Alarm. I go to change it and nothing fixes

basically i have not missed a landing for atleast 3 months due to that alarm.

Infinite flight definitely gets out of bed. Aviation is why I get out of bed, to everyone planet Earth is pretty much 2D until you actually try leaving the ground for a bit, and everything becomes 3D, Man! What a feeling that flying gives you.

Makes a lot of sense. I have overslept before and someone can honestly make this a feature request

This is great. I too have been in similar situations and quickly realized that I needed more time to open my eyes before jumping onto the iPad in preparation for arrival. I’ve since then resorted to an “Hours from Now Calculator” to be more precise with my arrival times. Sometimes doing the math takes too long or is inefficient when calculating an arrival time. Here is the link that I’d recommend to figure out when exactly you’d arrive as Infinite Flight currently does not have an ETA function as found in the toolbar. Then subtract a ½ hr or more from to estimate a “wake up time”.


I think I’m gonna make this a features request, I want an alarm that wakes me up when the plane arrives at its destination

I have had a similar experience, but the other way around! I have had trouble going to bed at a reasonable time this summer, so I used IF to get to bed at a reasonable time! When I take off for an overnight long haul it takes away the device I use to listen to music and watch TV so I can go to bed without distractions!

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I have a feature that helps stop oversleeping. This doesn’t specifically relate to this, but it is very similar

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That’s smart, I ll give u that.

Nice tool. I just bookmarked it on my home screen. Thank you.👍

I literally done this for entire year

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Pretty sure I’ve done this as well!