Infinite Flight’s 5th Live Anniversary, Flash Flight to SFO

G’day all, yesterday I did the flash flight for the 5th anniversary of live and it was a blast I didn’t get to fly because I had to go somewhere very soon. This was of course on the expert server and at noon. The aircraft was a Airbus A320 in the US Airways livery Flying from Denver to San Francisco.

If you missed the event you can always still fly it but there just won’t be as many people. You can find the event link here.

Image is Copyright © 2019 by Qantas094. All rights reserved.

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I wish I was there 😔

Great pics (mate)!

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I like how you messed around with the saturation a bit. You made the colors look very natural to real life, looks really good.


Very nice edits!

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Thanks guys.

I was also there, just to see the amount of planes, since I couldn’t attend…

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