Infinite flight Running on Mac

Hi, ever since Apple announced that they will be switching to ARM to macs and said any app on iPhone and iPad can be used on macs since they will be using the same chipset as an iPad and iPhone. I have been wanting to know ever since that day if Infinite flight can be played on mac.


Infinite flight is a mobile sim so i doubt its coming to Mac/PC


Likely not, people who have PCs will go with other sims, it doesn’t make sense to try to appeal to PC players. IF will try to stay in the mobile market. Switching platforms is way too expensive for the revenue made.


I mean MacBooks only because it will have the same chipset as an iPhone/Ipad.

There aren’t many that play flight sim on a mac. There are too many things to change in the design that it doesn’t make sense to add to the platform. Theres a reason other flight sims don’t try to put special attention to mac.

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The closest you can get without having a developer version like Laura is mirroring your iPad to your computer and connecting a mouse to your iPad to use It as a sort of computer. Mouse Support is supported just not very well. I mirror and use a mouse and personally it works really well! Hope this helped :)

I doubt IF will come to Mac in the future, IF have a great market right now and on computer they won’t be able to compete with the bigger companies. IF have established a market and personally I see the main user group staying mobile. its more practical! Mac also on paper don’t have great gaming specs…

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Quite the interesting topic you have brought up here. Let me explain my thoughts. Apple released the ARM software capabilities to macs, so yes, while it is possible to use the same apps on a mac now that you would use on an iPad, not all companies are opting into this option. At WWDC 2020, Apple specifically states that “While Catalyst has yet to prove a great hit with developers, it lays the groundwork necessary for them to start programming iPad apps as if they were running in a macOS environment.” This means that a complex item such as Infinite Flight would have to program part of its app to adhere to this new software. They already have a small team dedicated to enhancing mobile experience.

Infinite Flight is a mobile flight simulator. As cool as it would be to have it on a computer or other devices, it is not likely in the future, and most probably will never happen. Very interesting question though!


In contrast to what a few folks have said here already, if Apple is indeed adding support to ARM-based Macs to run iOS/iPadOS apps natively, I don’t see why Infinite Flight won’t work on a Mac too. If it doesn’t require a lot of manpower from the developers to port it over (I’m sure it’s not as simple as just ticking a box), then perhaps they’ll look into doing that. I’m no developer, so I’m not sure, but I do think Laura will at least attempt to run IF natively on a Mac just to see if it works.


Alright, here’s the deal:

  • They said on the presentation that all IOS apps will be automatically in the mac app store unless the developer ticks a box to disable it.
  • Infinite Flight is written in C, which works on ARM and Intel.

So basically, it looks like unless the devs disable it on purpose you will be able to play IF on a Mac

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So basically it can run on Mac but it is not optimized for it.

If Apple is to be taken for there word it sounds like it really is that simple. Actually easier. Everything from the iOS App Store is going to automatically be on the Mac App Store for new Apple Silicone macs since they will be running just rebranded beefed up (or possibly not) iOS chips they will run no problem. Now that said the interface would be the same just now you click instead of tap, so some indirect changes will be needed, but since infinite flight already supports joysticks, yokes, game pads, the like I don’t think infinite flight would hold up very poorly with no changes, so it really shouldn’t be an issue, I see no technical reason why not. It’s such small, perhaps even no investment to reach a new market, why pass that up 🤷🏻‍♂️

As I mentioned above on a technical level it really shouldn’t, and you can already play infinite flight without really touching your device and this would effectively be the experience on Mac OS.

I’m not sure this is that true. There’s enough Mac simers that XPlane has and maintains a version for Mac and that requires a lot more effort than this seems to, and if given a 4.99 thing that’s most of the fun of XPlane while also being more approachable why wouldn’t people take that offer? Infinite flight already works fine with a game pad so I think this could actually appeal to a fairly broad market, certainly enough to justify the (again as Apple has advertised) very little if any effort required to put it on Mac.


Hi all,

Quick question: I’m an android user and use ‘phone companion’ to project IF from my phone to the computer. It works great, and can use keyboard + mouse. However, how do I use my mouse as a keyboard? Does anynone know?

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You can only use a joystick

I just found out any IOS app on ipad or Iphone can run on mac !

Your question in the other topic was answered by Cam.


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