Infinite flight running low after the update

Hello all,

After the 22.8 update, I’ve checked the infinite flight has lost performance in several aspects. I’ll list somes.

First one, the low performance on big 3D airports, as JFK and FRA, even on solo mode. Before the update was normal, with no lags at all.

Second one, the app crash suddenly, sometimes in the middle of the flight and sometimes even when I just open the app.

Third, in most cases of times, when the replays records are deleted, and start a new flight, the app suddenly crash.

This all its happening in diferentes types of devices, I’ve reunited 5 devices with this issues.

Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro 256gb/8gb RAM
Xiaomi Pad Mi 5 128gb/6gb RAM

Samsung Galaxy M32 128gb/6gb RAM
Samsung Galaxy A52S 128gb/6gb RAM

Motorola G 5G 128gb/6gb RAM

We hope a hotfix can be released, for the repair of these bugs.

Thanks for @CMDT_LIMA @LuisFernandoo @Twitch_jubispilot for the devices and bugs reports informations, to the construction of this topic.


I thank you for the topic, I’m tired of deleting replay and the next flight started the application fails (freezing).

Hotflix for yesterday!


I have a Galaxy S10+ 128Gb/8Gb which also sometimes freezes. It’s frustrating, having to skip flights and having fun with my ATC operations


Thanks for the topic, and I have been facing the same problem, the simulator screen freezing (locking) on mostly long flights.

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My device sometimes freezes after I exit a flight

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Same happen to me also low performance and fps drops and game not running smoothly


Interesting as i am running IF on two Xiaomi Pad 5 and for me those issues aren’t present even crashes aren’t happening like you discribed. Do you have only IF running or maybe otger programs in the back ground whil you’re flying IF ?

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@CrazyBee r u on beta or stable version. I am facing crashes that to every moment. The fun element with crashes and bugs are no longer enjoyable

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Device 1 on 22.8.1 (2605) (Account with Beta access)
Device 2 on 22.8.1 (2554)


Only the simulator running

Mine has all bugs

Crashes on start
Crashes when i press fly
Crashes randomly
Crashes when i control
Roses fps
Screen flickering
Losing audio
Losing planes
And many more


Losing ATC Audio and Aircrafts in high traffic are also happening for me but those ar not crashes as i was referring to crashes

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Yep mate, thanks for remembering me that, I also have this ATC fail audio sometimes. How it’s a bug, it’s important too to report

The Audio thing is knwon and also looking in to it but as its nothing that can be reproduced with a specific thing at the moment it can only be logged at the moment it happens

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a friend @GABRiel_Monteiro of mine is also experiencing performance issues on iPhone 12 iOS 16.2

I currently use an iPhone XR in version 15.6 (Beta) because on iOS 16 I had several performance issues such as unexpected moments where the app closed for no reason. What is also happening with my friend who has an iPhone 12 running iOS 16, I don’t know if it could be a software problem! But he reported to me that he started having these issues when updating to 22.8 , while I can simulate on an iPhone XR quietly an iPhone 12 not being able to be in the app until after take off.



First of all, sorry to hear so many of you on Android are having issues.
This somewhat comes as a bit of a surprise to me, since the number of complaints about decreased performance on Android have been quite low. Especially when seeing comments like this (nothing targeted, just an example);

It’s quite difficult for us to know there’s an issue, when no one is telling us. Our automated metrics for Android looks normal too.

To those of you on iOS;
Please don’t mix this up with a topic that concerns Android devices. Performance and architecture on the two platforms are quite different and should be handled separately and we’re working on the iOS issues already as you know :)

@G_Falci - given that you have so many devices, I’ll reach out to you separately to see if we can get some proper diagnostics here. You created a good and sufficiently detailed topics, kudos for that! :)


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