Infinite flight running in the background

This is the second time I’ve got a messenge on the top of the screen saying “Infinite flight has been running in the background for too Lang. Your connection form the expert server has been terminated. Sorry I couldn’t get a screen shot of it. why does this happen?


And has it been running in the background in some way?

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Yes I was eating breakfast when this happened

But was the app put in the background on your device in some way? Perhaps you brought up another app or similar?

I had another tab open but I wasn’t on that tab on on other device

Was it on the device you were running Infinite Flight on?

Yes, ok now I think I know the problem.

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If Infinite Flight is put in the background on the device it’s being used on, that message will appear after a while.

The reason we’ve introduced that feature is that recurring disconnections is causing a multitude of issues while flying online.

Ok I under stand now thanks a lot for the help.