Infinite Flight Royal Airforce

Morning/Evening Pilots! Infinite Flight Royal Airfoce was supposed to be a supprise to the Infinite Flight World. Since we are in need of staff members, we would love you to PM me. This is NOT our official Thread. Here are the Roles available:

HR Manager
Head Slack Moderator
Slack Moderateor

Senoir Chief Pilot [Grade 5] [Must be from the UK]

Chief Pilot [US Region]
Chief Pilot [Europe]
Chief Pilot [Asia, AUS & NZ]

Chief Pilot must be from their location given above.
Interested? PM me.
Any Staff position missing? Please PM me.

The RAF is the Royal Airforce for the United Kingdom.

Our motto:

“Serving Britain and her allies since 2018”

NOTE: We are in touch with IFARB.

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This looks good. But posts like these need to be IFVARB approved, along with the VA


MaxSez: Well it finally happened a segregated VA, will wonders ever cease on this platform. Hopefully the IFARB will give this anomaly close scrutiny. (Where’s the all nations “Eagle Sqrdn’s)


Thanks for the info. Will take note next time. :)

The reason we needed Chief pilots from different country’s is because we wanted them to have a suitable time for people all over the world. And their are many airforces VAs for example the one resprenting the US. We don’t mean to divide ANYONE, and what to be one. The reason I choose RAF is because I like the airforce a lot and I am from the UK…Let’s not even bring up that dirty ‘dividing’ topic.