Infinite Flight - Retro (N1011F) MD-11. EFHK/HEL - FAOR/JNB - EFHK/HEL. 19h 52m

February 24-25, 2021.

Infinite Flight - Retro (N1011F) MD-11.

Flight route: EFHK/HEL - FAOR/JNB - EFHK/HEL.
Flight time: 19h 52m.

Casual Server.

Helsinki Airport (EFHK/HEL).

22L Runway, Helsinki Airport (EFHK/HEL).

Sauga, Estonia.

New Valley, Egypt.

Close 21R Runway, FAOR/JNB Airport.

FAOR/JNB Airport.

Before Takeoff from 3L Runway, FAOR/JNB Airport. Umguza, Zimbabwe.

Kurdufan Wilayat, Sudan.

Desert; Northern, Sudan.

The last landing 22L Runway, Helsinki Airport (EFHK/HEL). It time home in Helsinki, Finland.

Thank you for watching!
McDonnell Douglas MD-11 (pax) could like brand IF - Retro and did not add more new brand Finnair for MD-11 sad. It’s a good day the game has fun, enjoy!


Who is your game for the MD-11 anyone?