Infinite Flight restarting itself when I reopen the app

Today I was flying and my IF assistant got disconnected. I had to leave the app to turn IF assistant back on and when I reopened the app, the app completely restarted itself, and I lost all my flight progress. This is extremely annoying and this usually never happens. I had planned for the flight for a good 20 minutes and it all went to waste. Any fixes for this?

IPhone 7
IOS 13.2
Plenty of storage available

Have you tried rebooting your device?

No point in doing that as the damage has already been done but no I have not.

Well, does IF work for you now? Try starting a flight…

The app works fine but I don’t want the app to restart itself everytime I leave the tab to fix IF assistant or respond to a text. I have never had this issue before.

Hmmm, I don’t think I can help. Sorry!

If you leave the IF app for more than sometime between 30 seconds to 1 minute, you lose flight progress and the app restarts. This is likely what you experienced.


I left the app for maybe 7 seconds or less just to restart IF assistant.

Leaving the app for an period of time can cause your app to crash/restart. And the Iphone 7 although not old, it’s not as powerful. So running IF and IF Assistant, was probably a task and a half for it. That when you closed your app, it was too much and it crashed. I recommend if IF-A disconnects again, just leave it. Yes it’ll not be the same experience but the risk of the game crashinf is reduced immensely. And it may have felt like 7 seconds but could’ve been more. And on an older device if running 2 apps, with medium settings and then leaving the app to restart another, i could see where the issue would be so

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I’ve been using this phone for awhile and almost never encounter issues. Sure it’s getting old but it’ll be awhile before it cant run IF. And I can almost assure you it did not take me more than 10 seconds just to reconnect IF assistant.

I’m not an issue with iOS devices, but it sounds like this may be an issue with RAM management. RAM is responsible for keeping apps active and ready to go when you tab out of them momentarily, did you have anything else running in the background that might be sapping it up?

Correct IF. Not two apps. Now I don’t think IF-A takes up a lot, but if you have high settings that little bit, can go a long way.

Nope. Just had Infinite flight and IF assistant open. RAM could be the issue however.

You should check if you have some kind of battery saving on. This might be a system issue cuz my phone has never had this problem (it is Android though).

Use split screen if your on an iPad or some Android device!

i frequently leave infinite flight for up to minutes at a time on my iphone 7 plus, and never have problems. i suppose your device might have degraded over time if you’ve had it for many years (mine is newer even though it’s got equally powerful hardware as yours).

@Vinne please read everything before posting something.

This have been an increasingly annoying issue with iOS 13.2. It’s reported all over internet that 13.2 handles RAM too aggressively and kill apps too soon.

Not something we control :(


It’s time to target apple then, shame.

Or just not put the app in the background as we recommend ;)