Infinite Flight Restart Issues

Hey, when I go on long hauls I usually use it throughout the night so I may sleep, but then in the morning I might want to check the forums or something else. Here’s the problem, sometimes I can just resume flying and other times it just restarts after I try to resume.

Any ideas? Thanks!

                                     Sincerely, Corgi

This is what happens when you leave the app for too long.
Land first, then check the forum.

And it isn’t really IF’s problem. It depends on your device’s RAM (-management).

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Thing is I only left the app for 1 minute and I had 3 hours left in the flight.

Read this part:

Some phones like the Galaxy S8/S9 family do have a very good RAM management, which allows you to leave an app for a longer amount of time.
Apple devices should also be able to leave the app for a longer amount of time after the newest software update.

You should never leave the app in-flight. It could lead to disconnection problems throughout your flight. Also, this can cause ATC to see you as unknown, which means we can’t give you instructions.

When your in the middle of the Pacific Ocean I don’t think ATC is a problem

He means the part of the flight when you start approaching an airport with active ATC.

Just don’t leave the app until you end your flight. You can’t really do more than that.

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@Starley and the others are correct, 99% of the time it is a ram issue. Always reboot your device and close ALL background apps before a long haul flight. Avoid multi-tasking. Ensure you have a strong network connection.

Leaving to check something for a few seconds is ok but if you are planning to leave the app and write a post that is going to take you a few minutes is not advised.


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