Infinite Flight Report || Honolulu - Hilo

Hey folks ! Playing infinite flight has been my hobby this year. So i decided to make my skill to be helpful and entertaining to everyone. Therefore i uploaded my first flight report from Honolulu to Hawaii on Youtube.

If you find it either entertaining and helpful, please like and comment. So i can consider to make new flight reports soon.



Great video. But is there any way you can turn down the music? It’s just a tad bit too loud.


Nice video i like it the night flight as i do sometimes but the music is a littel loud as the captain said . Great video .

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As “the captain said” 😂 made my night with that comment.

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I remember that. I opened just as you were being handed over from approach

Nice to see a landing from controller and pilot view.

FYI: no need to report on final after I’ve cleared you. (Don’t worry, it not just you)

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