Infinite Flight Replays

Does anyone know how to retrieve deleted reports? I am trying to find replays than I have been reported on. Can someone tell me how to do so?

Unfortunately once they’ve been deleted you can’t obtain them anymore. Sorry about that!

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to recover deleted replays, unless you exported them to your device.

(Make a file for extremely important replays, especially those containing reports, and export them to it. That way you can keep it even though it may be deleted)

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Hi, Ben!

Probably if you can state more information about when and where you were ghosted, ATC controller may remember what happened (I am not sure it will work though)

I recommend you to fill out this form to let someone connect you with a controller which ghosted you. People who were flying/taxing near you in the game could save their replay - which means that you are lucky.

Date (DD/MM/YY):
Airport (ICAO code):
Callsign (which you used that day, not now):
Aircraft model:
Phase of the flight on which you were ghosted (Pushback / Taxing procedures / Takeoff / Departure / Approach / Landing / Final / Taxing to parking)

It would be awesome if you remember the callsigns/nicknames of the players flying next to you at that moment. Dispatchers also have replay, so if you remember his name, that will be more than enough!


My First Report
Date: 14/04/20
Time: ??
Airport: KATL
Callsign: Delta 2113
Nickname: Ben Sy
Aircraft: B737-900
Livery: Delta Airlines
The phase of Flight: Takeoff

My Second Report
Date: 23/04/20
Time: ??
Airport: KSEA
Callsign: Southwest 2032
Nickname: Ben Sy
Aircraft Model: B737-800
Livery: Southwest Airlines
The Phase of Flight: Taxing to parking

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