Infinite Flight Replay

Good day, all! I just finished a 17.5 hour flight from Newark (KEWR) to Singapore (WSSS) in a United 787-9 (Callsign United 21), in replacement of the soon-to-come Singapore A350-900.
Here is the replay, since I was to lazy to post screenshots. (lmao)


I used SimBrief to get the plan the flight and Flight Plan. Since I had to step climb, my first altitude was FL330. Then, after about 2 hours in the air, I went 100 f/m to FL370. After another hour, right before I went to sleep, I went 100 f/m to FL410 for the remainder of the flight. If you have any other questions about the flight, feel free to ask!



I’m pretty sure it took you longer to export the replay, upload it to the website and share it here instead of just posting screenshots 👀

Replay files don’t belong in #screenshots-and-videos, sorry. There are some guidelines that need to be followed in this category.

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Mmh, I cannot open it :-(…

This category is for screenshots and videos. You can make a new thread if you want to include some selected screen shots of the flight.