Infinite Flight renewal

good morning so i just renewed my one-month subscription but for some reason it shows renew on the 14th of feb shouldn’t it be a month from now so the 28th?

Does your current subscription expire on the 14th? If so, then it can’t renew until that day, if I’m understanding this situation correctly.

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so my subscription expired yesterday i believe and i renewed it today

so from looking back my subscription expired on the 14th of this month but for some odd reason i was still able to fly with no interruption and i renewed it today

If you’ve cancelled your subscription before Jan 14th then renewed it today, your new subscription will last for a month from today. However, if you didn’t cancel your subscription and your app store has been trying to process the renewal payment, your subscription may continue until the payment is successfully processed. So it’s not a new sub from today but a continuous one from last payment date.

Happy landings :)


oh ok makes sense now thank you