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Hi all,

As for recent poll of mine on never have I ever, I noticed that the majority of people have forgot to turn their landing lights on under 10K feet and only noticed after landing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little helpful reminder to turn on your landing lights before landing or when under 10K feet.

(There has been a previous request post for this however it was mainly speaking about when entering the runway, the main purpose of this is speaking in terms of in the air while also including entering an active runway)

An idea could be to have a takeoff configuration reminder as I feel this would be beneficial to those playing infinite flight.

Let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for reading
Captain Haribo

I don’t see why we need violations for something as little as this.


Using landing lights is for realistic purposes and what should be done as common knowledge in flying. I don’t think it should be anywhere near as far for a violation.


I think a violation would be a bit harsh; however, it might be nice to have something, like a message. It would be a friendly reminder. 🙂


Maybe not a violation but a helpful reminder :)


It’s a mobile sim; not everyone is well-versed in realistic things, and they should fly how they like. I don’t see a need or benefit in violations for something like this, especially considering how little it really affects others.


Maybe when on a runway the system should detect whether you have strobes and/or landing lights on, and should give you a pop up warning of ‘Please use strobes / landing lights when on an active runway!’

Although places like gatwick, it should be a warning that can be dismissed. I’d like an idea like this.

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Yes, maybe just something that’s minor but is helpful, that’s what I was aiming for.

I agree that a violation may be a bit harsh

A violation is just too extreme for something as small as lights. Public executions for those things in places like vatsim are expected because to start flying there you need a lot of background knowledge. But Infinite Flight isn’t a simulator for people who know about planes more than boeing (although considering the recent events…) - it’s for everyone, and that means people who are just at the start of their flight simulator journey. In Infinite Flight, the only things that’s really valued is the respect towards other players, and the only thing that you can say isn’t about the respect are the speed limits, but they are there mostly to prevent a total dumpsterfire at Heathrow on Training. Even a seemingly small things as a pop-up may be too intrusive for players who are only learning to fly and annoying to pro-pilots, so, at the end, landing lights are too unimportant as far as flying in IF goes to even have a pop-up


What about just on expert sever, or do you still think that’s too intrusive?

Maybe the more experienced players will benefit more from it?

Even on expert I think it will be too intrusive. Expert is about professionalism between you and IFATC and all-round respect between players, none of which are really affected because of a couple of virtual discoballs being turned off, especially considering that as project metal is still in the works, they don’t even light up the ground. A third party checklist app will be more than enough for this in my opinion

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But we do have things such as checklists to help you

This is pretty unnecessary as reminders won’t do a lot when checklists exist

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Ha ha

That’s a good point, I see exactly where you are coming from with your point, But when it is night and planes are landing you can actually see a planes landing lights which is sometimes beneficial.

What reminder to pilots have in the real world to turning on the lights? I don’t believe the plane tells them but their checklists do.


To add on to what @Chris_S said It’s a good idea but for realism I would prefer to have realistic alerts and landing lights would not be one of them, I think I’d you have a tendency to forget them then using a checklist is a best option. If you have alerts for everything it will simplify the purpose of the simulator and the art of using a checklist or just memory work and would not be realistic 😀. Great idea though!

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I think that in a 737 you will get a takeoff configuration warning?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

@Haribo I’m not sure if the 737’s warning for takeoff configuration would be activated for that, if it’s specific to the 737 then it wouldn’t be as reasonable to add this feature because if a feature is added it has to apply to every other aircraft which may not have this feature. 😀

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But presumably there is a takeoff configuration warning in an airbus as well.

But then again the landing/ strobe lights may not activate the warning

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@Haribo I am not sure for Boeing aircraft but for Airbus aircraft there is something called an ECAM( Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor) where the status of the aircraft and any emergencies warnings and what not are displayed and the T/O config warnings or a memo from the ECAM is included however there is no warning for landing lights, partly because the FAA has rules on when they need to be on but a lot of the times it is up to pilot discretion as to when exactly they switch their landing lights on. Take a look below:

As you can see the aircraft is properly configured for takeoff because the ECAM memo shows all green, hence why pilots say ECAM memo takeoff no blue. If there is blue it means one of these items have not been configured for takeoff.

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That would work for strobe lights but getting a violation for that Hmm… doesn’t sound fair :/

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