Infinite Flight Releases 3D Buildings

I just realized that clouds are overtaking me. They are moving and faster than me, is that an already known issue?

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I downloaded Bluestacks 4 with 32 bit, but since 21.1 does not support devices with 32 bit, I made the change to the version of Bluestacks for 64 bit emulating on a Samsung S20. Just like @Kirito_77 said, I will now try to run the app on Bluestacks 5 and see if I am successful.

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I make this, it’s normal again, thanks

Are we going to get more performance improvements? I still getting for some reason like 17fps below the clouds in low graphics settings 😕

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Yayyyy. I couldn’t get open beta so I’m so excited!!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou

I turned down my rendering quality and i have smooth frame rates now. Try turning it down.

I use all my graphics in low cuz i have this problem

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Everyone that didn’t get beta and still waiting for the update

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2011 First release
2014 Infinite Flight Live
2017 Global
2021 3D AND Buildings

It’s incredible to see how IF has already four major milestones achieved (but without remembering all the smaller ones such as wingflex, engine sounds, gear tilt & many mores cool things added in between !

Thanks to Infinite Flight team! The day I bought ID back in 2012 I couldn’t imagine we were getting to progress like this ! Cheers to the devs !


Does this mean project Metal is complete? Is the app now rendering through the native iOS API’s? Does this fix the frame rate problem on variable rate screen devices like the iPad Pro?

No, Project Metal is an ongoing project focused on improving graphics & stability inside the simulator. It includes graphic engines, and much more. Infinite Flight have gotten to a point where the flight simulator is too big for it, and in need of its own, independent program to support the exact needs of the sim. Check out the #announcements #blog or head over to and find “Project Metal” blog.


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Well done guys. This is one of the most impressive updates since launching global…Proud of you!


Thank you so much. I have a presentation on IF and I’m so happy to get 21.1 in time for it.

We officially made it guys!

Congrats to the entire dev, tester and volunteer teams for giving it their all for this massive and revolutionary update. You all have a lot to be proud of. Go enjoy the 3D buildings!

And here’s something cool: Try doing a loop in an XCub up and over Denver’s passenger bridge. 😂


this problem really hasn’t gone away

Unfortunately not, but i hope it gets fixed soon 😬

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Yay, well done to the devs , beta testers and everyone else out there 👍

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Thank you, thank you, thank you Infinite Flight team! Been choosing this sim for years and you guys are still the best… but keeps getting better and better!

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Finally, it is here. Great job team👥

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