Infinite Flight Releases 3D Buildings

Just downloaded it and checked it out quickly (i’m in class haha). Didn’t do a lot but spawn into the gate and take a look at T8 (KFJK). Very nice textures and realism. It’s very extraordinary.

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Hooray! finally its released but somehow the FPS meter is gone from settings so i cant turn it off XD


Whoops! We’ll take a look at that, thanks for letting us know


Thank you @cameron_test

Everything looks so incredible huge thanks to everyone on the team


Some of these issues are limitations of our current graphics pipeline which is why they couldn’t be addressed in this release. With the work being done as part of Project Metal, these issues will be solved in future releases. They definitely aren’t being ignored and are high on our priority list to improve on :)

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for clarifying. Hope they can be fixed soon :)

Infinite Flight does not officially support Bluestacks (or any computer emulator for that matter). If you’re experiencing issues, unfortunately, you’re on your own.


@Guilherme_Carvalho BlueStacks is not supported officially by Infinite Flight, but it may be worth trying to run the BS5 beta, people did report having some success there.

But remember it isn’t supported officially, and instability and inconsistency is to be expected.


Can’t wait to try that new Helicopter ! ;)

I know that Infinite Flight does not officially support any emulator, I just want to know if this problem is exclusive to BlueStacks or if it could also be a problem for another Android device.
Thank you for your help :)


Is the crash happening when you open the aircraft page, or when you try and select a livery?


Amaze after 7yrs of playing IF the wish has come true

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When i try to open the aircraft page

I can hear that WestJet 787-9 calling my name 👀. Exciting stuff!

Awesome news! Looking forward to trying out the new update!

And since taxiing is now an immersive experience, maybe the team can look at adding a tow-forward option as an addition to pushback sometime in the future Laura ;)

Thank you, we will try and look into this. As mentioned, BlueStacks isn’t officially supported, but we can see if it affects other devices.

What device is your BlueStacks installation meant to emulate? The S8+?


Hard to imagine that this is what KSFO used to look like years ago. Absolutely amazing how far this sim has come.


Omg thank you IF! I loved the open beta, now all of us can enjoy it!!

747-400 house livery vibes*

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